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Korea 2015

Posted in Blogroll, Places, Tourism, Travel on Sunday, December 6, 2015 by Colin Quek

A mosaic of photos from our recent trip to Korea.

(mouse over the photos to read a short description, I’ve described most of the photos.


Korea – Seoul – Part 2

Posted in Places, Travel on Saturday, August 31, 2013 by Colin Quek

Another aspect of Korean life has to be its chill out lifestyle, other than the hustle of the daily grind.



We found a quiet spot in the heart of some shopping district. The wife here chilling out over cheesecake and fresh brewed coffee.


A trip to the famous Seoul Tower.



And then the Teddy Museum, located within the tower. This little dude here caught my attention. Apparently vandalising the classroom wall lol.



And of course, the DMZ. The trip was good, although rushed. But we got a good feel of the intensity of the place.


Well wishes from locals and foreigners. Praying for the peace of both Koreas.


Kid you not, the railway in the background is still in service. While we were there, a train went by into the North of the border.


MPs on the guard.


This is our cool looking guard. Over at the backend, the grey building, is the North side of Korea.

We managed to get a glimpse of a few North Korean soldiers as well.

Lotte World – One of Seoul’s theme park. Apparently this is the world’s largest theme park also.


A few of our Seoul companions.


Yes, there is a reason why this is the world’s largest theme park. It was tiring just walking around.


Korea is an ultra modern country with strong roots in its history. Hence you can find a lot of palaces in Seoul.


The palace entrance.


This is supposedly the King’s private quarters.



The back entrance The Secret Garden?



House of Fortune!


A stove, for firewood to provide warmth to the inhabitants during the winter.


This here is a chimney, that was used to exhaust the fumes from the kitchen and heating.


The Gate of Longevity!


The building in the back served as library for the royals of the past.


The tablets marked the location of each court official for their daily reports to the king. Ranking at 1st, 2nd, etc.

On a short trip to Bali (Part 1)

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The holidays are finally upon us and it is time for another trip. This time we decided to go some place tropical, and Bali came up in our minds.

We spent about a week there and it was very fun. Bali is no doubt very different from the places we have went before, first off: it is much warmer than Australia, all parts of Australia. But that warmth is also translated into its people.

Here’s the wife making funny faces in the departure lounge.

Departing Singapore from with Jetstar airlines on a rainy (and cold) morning didn’t quite prepare us for the sunblast heat in Bali lol.

A view of 2 mountain peaks in the air above Bali.

We touched down at Ngurah Rai International Airport and headed to buy a local SIM card. Yes, being citizens of modern Earth, we didn’t think of getting ourselves some food or drinks first.

Of course after the SIM card purchase we decided to sit down for some refreshments.

Outside the cafe.

Go out from the arrival hall and turn left, you should see the first cafe. The Balinese coffee is good and took away the weariness of the flight.

Tip#1: Buy the SIM card from the cafe, it’s 5000 Rupiah cheaper.

Tip#2: Get bread from the convenient store at the departure hall if your hotel is far away from civilisation like ours was.

Tip#3: Turn right from the arrival hall and purchase a taxi ticket from the taxi counter there.

We arrived at the Hotel Pink CoCo at about 3 pm. First thing I did was to head for the showers, yes it is that hot there.

That is the shower head, neat right?

Our room was on the 2nd storey, facing the sea. And it is huge. Take a look at the photos below.

This is the bathroom. The other half is where the basin is.

Notice the little touches? This here is a soup holder.

And the bedroom, and yes still the other half is where the tv is located with a big couch. Notice how high the ceiling is.

And this shot was taken in the balcony.

Still the photos don’t do justice to the size of the room. You have to see it for yourself.

Located 100m from the beach, also known as “padang” in Balinese, we decided to take a stroll to the beach.

A beautiful rock outcropping that probably used to be a spur.

The water is very clear, evidently this is a newly opened beach as I heard from the locals.

The sand is fine enough for beach volleyball. the dudes are almost here everyday for their game.

The walk at the beach was a pretty short one as the tide was fast coming in. And well it actually got dark fast too. Heading back to the hotel, we noticed alot of businesses along the way were opened by foreigners.

One of the many surf shops. They provide surfing classes for a fee.

Dinner was quickly settled and we retired to enjoy the room facilities. For all you tv addicts, there is cable, not to worry.

Next post, let me guide you through the various tourist spots in Bali.

First Dates

Posted in Life, Places with tags , , , on Sunday, July 3, 2011 by Colin Quek

First official date after wedding. Thought it would be nice to end the week with a round or two of beers. First stop though is Coffee Club to fill the stomachs.

Here’s my Sandwich Royale. With fresh shrimps and vegs. Very filling and tasty.
I must add that the sandwich is quite a mouthful as well.

Then it’s over to Brewerkz for some nice beers.

It’s still my favorite hunt for the choices of beers.
We ordered a taster set e.g. 90ml glasses of 4 types of beer to choose.


Couldn’t recall what were the types of beer we ordered, but the “Xtra IPA” beer caught my attention for it’s maltiness. I dare say it will go very very well with some medium rare steak!

You must give the taster set a try the next time you are there. The 90ml glasses also meant that the casual beer drinker enjoys the tasting too.


In all, it was a great experience. Guess all the more since the girl seated beside me all this while is my wife 🙂

Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – The 12 Apostles

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It was a tough first half of 2010, but I’m glad I’ve made it to the mid point. Work was kinda hellish but hey, that’s life. Ups and downs. So a vacation is in order. And after much discussions and planning, I decided to take a trip to Melbourne, Australia and visit the famed 12 Apostles, and the Great Ocean Road tour.

And not to forget the much welcomed change in weather. The weather is definitely colder (to my delight), and the people very warm and friendly. Alright on to the Great Ocean Road tour.

That’s me and the wife-to-be. Should say a great thanks to Janshim for introducing us to one another.

Yes, I took the helicopter ride, to get a different view of the coastline

It’s amazing what the strong Antarctic waves can do!

Look at that formation! It’s totally cut off from the main land

And yes! Check out the clear water, it’s green because of the algae that we can see underneath.

Of course there is more to the 12 Apostles. But we had to hurry on to the next place before it gets dark, and it gets dark pretty quickly.

More to come…

Double Helix Bridge

Posted in Blogroll, Parks, Places, Singapore, Tourism on Friday, April 30, 2010 by Colin Quek

On the weekend of April 2010 24, Singapore unveiled yet another world’s first. This time, it’s an architectural masterpiece. A design inspired by the double helix structure of the human DNA.

Check out the curves on this baby!

Visitors flocked to the world’s first Double Helix Bridge, affectionately known as “The Helix” locally.

Covering the 280m from Marina Square / Suntec to yet another masterpiece of a building – Marina Bay Sands, the Helix drew an even larger crowd towards the evening.

As night falls, and the colored lights came on, the entire bridge sprung to life with a myriad of colors!

Against a starry night, the Helix looks almost like a space tunnel

And the colors shifted, space bridge powering up for hyper-travel?

The entire bridge looks like an art gallery, displaying canvases of light

If you have not visited it, do so soon.

Monkey Business and a few others :D

Posted in Blogroll, Places, Singapore, Tourism on Friday, September 25, 2009 by Colin Quek

Brought my camera to the Singapore Zoo recently with the GF. It’s been almost 20 years since I visited the zoo. Some of the old favorites like Ah Meng are no longer around. But the tropical feel of the place remained, bringing back sweet memories. Especially of the time when as a kid with his first camera, I shot 3 rolls of 24 exposures on all the animals that fancied me. The father hit the roof when the film processing bill came of course 🙂

I’ve decided to shoot the animals in their interesting pose instead of the usual “animal portraits”. So here goes…

RocksI have no idea what these 2 were doing, looks like sleeping to me 🙂

LookingUpI can’t recall the name of this little fella, but he has this habit of
looking into the sky the whole time…looking out for eagles?

Of course not all the animals were so energectic throughout the day, so were practically tired out… or so I think?

Prone Either this guy is busy worshipping the “sun god” or he’s just lazing around having a nice tan


There were of course less enthusiatic characters around,
but I have to give this guy credit, he has a family of 5 to take care of!

Not to neglect details, I’ve spotted a few interesting feet, here are some of them:


This belongs to a Fruit Bat, one of the largest bats in the world



This is the paw of a White Tiger, as shown below having a nice cool “fish spa” in the pond



And he stayed this way for more than 30 minutes!

We decided to visit the usual ostriches and one of them was particularly friendly, it actually posed for the camera!


There were a few less glamorous shots, but they are animals and sometimes they do the cutest of things. Before I sign off for the night, the parting shot 🙂